Andy Boy

In Andy we trust.

Probably one of the more ubiquitous brand names in the food service world, at least in the kitchens I have labored in.  Also known, somewhat, as a sort of pagan god among certain sects of kitchen-dom.  Andy Boy has stood the test of time; at least according to the banner.  Although I feel remiss in my duty, as I have not fully delved into the history of Andy Boy, though the web site here did little to shed light onto the origins of the company’s name.

And by pagan god, I mean, it is not uncommon for certain folks among us in the kitchen crew to cut out the images we see on the cardboard that visits our workplace daily.  Perhaps the company has a shared name with one of our staff, or maybe there is a great slogan or motto one of us will take to heart.  Sometimes all it takes is an image of a cowgirl riding a potato like a horse (Note: I’ve been looking desperately for this box of potatoes again.)  We will hang the cutouts on the wall, or the dry erase board, or out of the way hoping a supervisor will not catch it (or overlook it, in my case).  And sometimes, we will worship, and sing from deep in our throats, “all hail Andy Boy!”