And there we are.  That didn’t take long.  This is actually the third act of graffiti enacted upon this particular visage I’ve witnessed within the last few months.  And also not the first graffiti reference to a particular coworker.  Not that anyone has anything against him, as he’s actually a stand-up guy, but he does have rather distinguishing facial features (i.e. beard).  I’d like to imagine the “bastards” is his retort, although I cannot verify if that is his handwriting.  I do wonder, though, what it is about this particular face that begs for sharpie adornment?

I’d also like to apologize for updating rather infrequently.  I’m trying to set up a Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday schedule for updating, though last night I was derailed due to an unforeseen reaction to some rather strong beer.  One particular upside to the culinary world, is that one bar in town offers a Sunday night “service” night, that gives restaurant workers a rather generous discount.  I’m not quite the young, live-fast cook I used to be.  My tolerance for alcohol has greatly lessened as I approach my elder years.  I’m ok with that.