"An Atlas body in 7 days!"

While particular brand names and their appearance certainly bring me great joy throughout the work day, sometimes you find hidden gems on the bottom of cardboard boxes that are usually non-food related.  This particular image comes from a company that deals us our chicken, and while it may seem odd to include a nifty little cartoon about how to safely lift a box, bear in mind that many boxes, when full, weigh up to forty to fifty pounds.  These boxes may be stored on shelves at your knees, mid section, or even up high, though most raw meat products are kept low, due to possible spillage or leaks, which could taint other unsuspecting food stuffs.  (I’m actually rather glad we have health codes and strict food regulation.  Safety is no accident!)  Depending on your work load for the day, or whether or not you’re the one to put stuff away in the walk-in refrigerators, moving these boxes around can be quite an effective work out.  Not to mention the older you get, the more chances you have to seriously throw out your back.  Hence most service jobs have a clause on the job posting, “must be able to lift up to fifty pounds.”

And for no good reason, random prose I came up with today, while discussing the personalities of two coworkers that clash all the time, despite those two being incredibly similar:

“For two people who are so similar to one another, they just can’t see or speak to each other about the common ground they share.”

Sorry, just needed to write that down.

Lift professionally.  I take that as a challenge.  Although I just don’t think I have what it takes to be a body builder.  I think it’s safe to say that career choice sailed on long ago.

But I did find this image:

From Tshirtgroove.com

I would totally wear this shirt, probably in that annoying, ironic way.  And for future reference, any references to me working out, or my awesome masculinity should be taken entirely as self-deprecating satire.

And then there’s the fact the figures in the image are both male.  Because, you know, only men work out.  Only men are professionals.  And only men lift heavy stuff.  So fella’s, be careful!  (note, this is also satire).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go wail on my pecs.