Is that the best you got?

A serene mountain landscape.  Looks natural enough.  And if there’s one thing I do love, it’s nature.  Especially natural landscapes.  I simply can’t get enough of them in my daily intake of cardboard box art.

But upon closer inspection, there really isn’t a whole lot there as depicted above.  I’m guessing the green shaded bits represent grass, which pretty much grows in most places.  Then there’s some more shading on what I interpret to be the mountain.  But that valley is looking somewhat sparse, as far as the plant life goes.

Mountains are easy to depict.  Large mound of earth, off in the distance.  Check.  People like looking at mountains, because they’re there.  They’re huge and loom over us reminding us how insignificant humans can be.  But valleys are somewhat harder to depict, because they are anti-mountains, the space in between the hills.  It’s harder to focus on the negative space, and even harder still when the valley just doesn’t appear to contain all that much growing in it.

I just want more from this valley, especially when we’re throwing around the superlatives.  Is this the finest this valley can produce?  According to  the picture, I think not.  Maybe throw a river in there, show some foliage, shrubs, or bushes.  Something.  Draw in a tree or two on the mountain.  That wouldn’t hurt either.

Maybe the valley was left open on purpose, as I’m guessing the Valley brand probably grows more than one type of produce.  Don’t want to be pinned down, I understand playa’!  Diversify.  Not to mention that would lead me to believe all of their produce comes from valleys, when in reality most of the food is probably grown on farms.  Now, I’m not saying the farms aren’t located in valleys, but still.

I do like to imagine a giant, awesome valley, filled with tons of plants, located in some remote mountain range, like Machu Picchu.  But the transportation costs, plus refrigeration, labor, etc, damn, that would equal some expensive ass produce.  Still, I can dream.

Phew.  All this valley talk has got me worked up.  Good thing there’s this.  Now that is some hot, valley action.  And so informative!  I had no idea there were so many.