Ah. So that's where that is.

This is probably one of my favorite artistic renditions of all time.  To quote my old friend, Hank Thoreau, “Our life is frittered away by detail.” (and further on) “Simplify, simplify.”

As much as I enjoy some of the brand name art that goes to great lengths to create an identity and purpose for the product, something about this one cuts through all the nonsense, the literary references and the anthropomorphising of vegetables.  Here it is.  Plain and simple.  The town of Potatoes welcomes you.  You see, it’s right there on the map.  You can’t miss it.  Considering that according to this map, there is only one town in the state of Washington.  And can you guess what is grown there?

I would probably live in a town named Potatoes.  I’d shop at the Potatoes General Store.  And I’d be the proud parent of a Potatoes middle school honor student.  Yes, I would lead a good life in Potatoes, WA.

Except that I can’t find it on any map.  Google maps did not produce any results.  Feeling a little let down at the moment.  Have I been lied to?  Deep in my heart I know it exists.  Good thing I have some mashed potatoes in the fridge.  That will cheer me up.