Speaks for itself

And sometimes we find the art not on the box, but on the individually wrapped product itself.  I kept repeating the phrase to myself over and over again, winking and giving the thumbs up to no one.  Sometimes I do that when I find myself alone in the kitchen, which doesn’t happen very often (though I liken it to a peaceful, snowy night, when the sounds of the environment around me are muffled, and I feel like if I just sit still, it’s like I’m the only person left in the world.  Although not quite, because I am still at work.)  I am one of those people that occasionally talks to myself.

I suppose you could also substitute the phrase as a catchphrase for any kind of zany, Kramer-like character on a sitcom.  You know, the moment when they break the fourth wall and look at the camera to acknowledge the viewer, and then they drop their patented schtick.  The lettering also kind of resembles something from out of the seventies as well, like this gem from popular folklore.

Anyways, this is as close as I could get to something Turkey related, (this image is for a chicken, by the by) as of tomorrow evening I’ll be on vacation, and not able to post until Sunday.

Have a great Turkey day!