Jumping and clicking your heels over bacon.

Not feeling the witty this week.  Also have been in a sort of slump with new produce producing exciting culinary art finds, so today we’re going with the tried and true imagery of modern man’s depiction of bacon in the work place, specifically found on our kitchen’s mop bucket.

Though I’m hard pressed to figure out exactly why the mop bucket in the kitchen would be chosen as a prime spot for the depiction of bacon.  I would not eat bacon from a mop bucket, unless absolutely desperate, or it was the last bacon on Earth.  Hell, I try my damnedest to not even go near the mop bucket, much less touch it, or use it.

Alas, let’s face it, if there is something that can be universally understood across many cultures, languages and divides, it’s bacon.  At first I thought the little figure was somehow falling into bacon.  Was this a warning?  I cannot possible see how falling into bacon would be a horrible thing, unless you were a vegetarian, or if the bacon was still blazing hot (that grease can burn!).  Or perhaps the act of falling into bacon might somehow soil the bacon, possibly rendering it inedible (doubtful.)  At most, the bacon might soil the clothes you were wearing.

But then it dawned on me that the little figure is extremely overjoyed, resulting in a jump complete with clicking heels, and arm outstretched as a victory salute.  Hell, yes!  We’ve got bacon.  Especially three large slabs of bacon, compared to the figure’s body size.  That’s some mighty bacon right there, folks.  I’d be jumping for joy, too!  Though not necessarily over the top of the bacon ( I might land on it.)

Still, I think I’m on to something here.