Like frisbee, these lemons are ultimate.

There ain’t no messing with these lemons.  They are the last, the maximum, the ultimate.  Lemons.  Much like the sport of ultimate frisbee.  There are few, if any, things that can top this.

Actually I’ve only played ultimate frisbee once or twice, if I can remember correctly.  I wasn’t that into it.

But I do like the design work here.  The ribbon background is a nice touch.  The lemon looks damn fine, graphically presented in a straightforward manner with subtle touches of texture.  The flower brings it on home, which at first I thought was just decoration, but actually lemon trees do produce a blossom.  I learn something new everyday.

I also like the simple color scheme.  Green and yellow, perfect for lemons (or limons, if you’re a Sprite fan).  I also like the incorporation of the neutral cardboard color in the background of the piece.  Using what’s there, or not actually there, and creating something out of nothing.

Yep.  Definitely a buy.