A mighty wind... Oh!

Sometimes you find great cleaning products in the kitchen, and sometimes they find you.  More often than not, cleaning products come from the same company, offering an array of various cleansers, degreasers, hand soaps, etc.  Sometimes when whom ever is in charge of ordering fails to order something correctly, somebody gets to go shopping.  Though I’m at a loss as to how this ended up in our kitchen, because there isn’t exactly a whole lot of glass to clean.

Most glassware gets run through a sanitizer, a large machine capable of cleaning and sanitizing a hefty amount of glassware at once.  Typically most food service employees aren’t allowed to drink from said glassware, mainly to avoid contamination due to spillage, or even worse, having a glass (or plate) smash into pieces, sending little bits of glass into the food in the prep stations.  Then one gets to throw out a whole lot of food.  Having a guest bite down on a shard of glass is not good for the reputation of the establishment.

To the person that came up with this product’s name, I salute you.  Brilliant play on window, and wind oh! that oh! for oh! my god, this name is awesome.  I would probably buy this product due solely for the name, regardless of how this cleaner performs, because I’m just that kind of person.